Online Anatomy and Physiology Video Tutorial

It might be said that a classroom is the ideal teaching format, but sometimes we do not have the opportunity or the time to attend such classes.


I have created over 29 hours of video tutorials to facilitate the students learning process of anatomy, physiology and disorders

These are videos to which you can return again and again

In addition to this, I have included other videos to help your learning experience

I have organised them to adhere to the format of the ITEC Anatomy and Physiology book (Louise Tucker)

My usual fee for a classroom course (of 6 days) is €650

The price of this video course is just €300

There are 13 folders:

1 Introduction and The Cell (3.64 GB 73min 55 sec)

    1 Anatomy and Physiology Introduction and Terminology

    2 The Cell

    3 Cell Division  

2 Tissue Types (1.23 GB 52min 30sec)

    1 Epithelial Tissue

    2 Connective Tissue

    3 Muscle Tissue

    [Nervous tissue is included in the Nervous system folder]

3 Skin Hair Nails (1.67 GB 61min 42sec)

    Skin, Hair, Nails

4 Skeletal System (1 GB 63min 36sec)

     Bones, Joints

5 Muscular System (13 GB 6 hr 42min 18sec)

    1 Head and Vertebral Column Part I The Head

    2 Head and Vertebral Column Part II The Trunk

    3 Shoulder

    4 Elbow

    5 Wrist and Hand

    6 Pelvis and Hip

    7 Knee

    8 Ankle and Foot

6 Cardiovascular system (10.6 GB 1hr 58min 9sec)

    1 The Heart [including diseases]

    2 Blood Vessels

    3 Diseases of Blood vessels

7 Lymphatic and Immune System (204 MB 1hr 4min 38sec)

    Lymphatic system, Immune system

8 Nervous System (17.3 GB 5hr 23 min 55sec)

    1 Nervous System Introduction

    2 CNS Introduction

    3 The Brain

    4 The Spinal Cord

    5 Peripheral Nervous System

    6 Nervous System Pathology

    7 Sense of Hearing and Balance

    8 Sense of Smell

    9 Sense of Taste

    10 Sense of Vision 

9 Endocrine System (1.92 GB 1hr 9min 40sec)

    Endocrine, including disorders

10 Reproductive System (12.3 GB 2hr 18min 18sec)

    Male and female

11 Digestive System (7.32 GB 2hr 5min 56sec)

    1 Digestive System

    2 Digestive System Disorders

12 Respiratory System (2.4 GB 40min 35sec)

    Respiratory including disorders

13 Urinary System (2.05 GB 59min 15sec)

    Urinary including disorders


Please see these sections I have included here:

Anatomy and Physiology Introduction and Terminology 

The Head and Vertebral Column Part II The Trunk

The Lymphatic and Immune system

Laurence Hattersley BSc DO - Osteopathy Craniosacral Therapy - Adults, Babies and Infants.

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