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2 day Myofascial Release Course
Next course - November 9th and 10th 2023

Myofascial release is a quick and powerful method of releasing pain and tension in the body. Your clients will benefit as it allows you to go straight to the area causing pain such as
the back, neck, hips etc.
Myofascial Release Course
Myofascial Release addresses the fascia surrounding any and all the tissues of the body, facilitating the release of any unnecessary tension patterns and allows those tissues to function at their optimum

These courses are run in and the Golden Egg Holistic, Ireland and are designed for the therapist looking to add these techniques to their existing skills, so they are available to use straight away. The course is taught over 2 days that is not just teaching, but as a workshop format such you can all see, then practice all the techniques yourselves. Course numbers are kept small, such that all the people who attend can get personal attention.

MFR is a great adjunct to the skills of any massage, manual, physical therapist, manipulative therapist and chiropractor

Myofascial Release is highly recommended as an invaluable tool to add to your existing skills in your practice. 

It is an excellent means of treating pain and tension in people who have pain symptoms and syndromes that do not appear to be traumatic or simply neurological in nature


This is an absolute 'must' for the serious massage therapist that is looking for techniques to help release pain and tension of their patient and clients. It will help you stand out from the crowd with a powerful routine you are sure to be recommended by your clients! 


This course will give you an excellent insight into the palpation and treatment of:


  • Hip

    • Chronic tension patterns, that can predipose to osteoarthritis

  • Knee

    • Knee pain can be indicative of established tension patterns in hips, quadriceps and hamstrings, with knock effects affecting the menisci

  • Shoulder

    • shoulders and necks cannot be considered or treated separately from each other

  • Neck

    • Whiplash can be a frequent cause here, sometimes without apparent trauma. Few neck problems are acute, most are chronic with acute episodes causing neck, head and shoulder problems, leading to wear and tear later

  • Ankle

    • With learned tension patterns higher in the leg, these can express themselves down in the ankle

  • Low back

    • It is said that mothers and builders spend their lives bending and picking things up. Even if you aren't either of these, a lot of tension patterns are ignored until they cannot move because of the pain


The Myofascial Release Course is a workshop that is held over 2 days at Golden Egg Holistic, Portlaoise

The course is designed and run by Laurence Hattersley, an osteopath who lives and works in Cork, Ireland 

Next Course Dates:
November 9th and 10th 2023 at Golden Egg Holistic
If you have any questions about the course, please contact me.
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